Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Meet the Publishers - A Treasure of Carmel Publication

Our second post in this series also seems rather appropriate considering the name chosen for our apostolate by its founder, Robin Pannell, 40 or so years ago.

In recent weeks Providence has introduced Carmel Books to a small but very dedicated Australian publishing apostolate by the name of A Treasure of Carmel Publication. It only has three publications under its belt so far, but we're sure you'll agree that they're very well chosen titles to republish and we look forward to many more to come.

The founder of the apostolate takes up the story of A Treasure of Carmel Publication:

"As a tertiary of the Carmelite Order, I have long been interested in the history and spirituality of our Order. In early 2007 I was asked by a Carmelite nun from the Monastery of the Child Jesus at Goonellabah, New South Wales, to read a book titled A Gem from the Diamond Mine which had been long out of print. This book is the biography of Ven. Margaret of the Blessed Sacrament, who was especially favoured by the Child Jesus and whom He called the 'Spouse of My Infancy'.

Sister wrote to me, 'If you feel inspired, would you put it into print'? As I have a devotion to the Divine Infant and had visited His Shrine in Prague the previous year, I was ‘inspired’ and felt compelled to do what I could to republish this book. And in 2009 A Gem from the Diamond Mine was published and A Treasure of Carmel Publication was established.

Frankly I thought it would be a one book business, however a priest gave me an old copy of Carmelite Devotions and Special Prayers for the Liturgical Year, and encouraged me to republish it which I did in 2010. And it was through the hands of a tertiary of Carmel that I received an excerpt on the extraordinary life Mother Mary Elias of the Blessed Sacrament OCD, who is principal of the most recent publication The Dove With the Scarlet Collar.

As Our Lady is Queen and Beauty of Carmel, it is the aim of A Treasure of Carmel Publication to continue to bring back into print those precious treasures of Her Order".

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  1. I have read 'The Dove with the Scarlet Collar' and feel sure that one day Mother Elias will be canonised. The printer of these gems is well known to me as a devoted Carmelite of the Third Order. Her devotion to Our Lady is an inspiration
    to all who meet her. Kathleen Donelly