Saturday, 9 November 2013

Meet the Publishers - The Redemptorist Sisters of St. Joseph

The Redemptorist Sisters of St. Joseph (J.SS.R) are a small community of semi-contemplative nuns based in the West Country who provide great spiritual and practical support to the Carmel Books apostolate.

The sisters are entirely dependent on the small income they receive from making scapulars to the precise regulations that the Church demands for these important sacramentals. For example, the ecclesiastical law concerning scapulars insists that these Garments of Grace must be made from pure woven wool.

As well as the most popular of the Church sanctioned small scapulars the Sisters also make and provide Third Order scapulars, again to the precise requirements laid down by the Church.

One of the main fields of apostolate for the Sisters is the provision of thousands of scapulars for missions amongst the poorest of the poor in places like India, Africa and the Philippines. These scapulars are provided free to the mission fields and they rely solely on benefactors to enable them to conduct this Spiritual and Corporal Work of Mercy.

So if you can help them in any way, please do. Simply phone or email Carmel Books and we will pass on the details of potential benefactors to the Redemptorist Sisters of St. Joseph.

Carmelite Third Order Scapular
Franciscan Third Order Scapular
Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (The Brown Scapular)
Scapular of the Daughters of Charity (The Green Scapular)
Scapular of the Immaculate Conception (The Blue Scapular)
Scapular of the Most Blessed Trinity (The White Scapular)
Scapular of the Passion (The Red Scapular)
Scapular of the Seven Dolors of Mary (The Black Scapular)
The Five-Fold Scapular

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  1. These Scapulars are so beautifully made by the lovely Sisters. Very good quality and hard wearing. Some brown scapulars I've seen are not very nice but the Scapulars from the Sister are Firsrt class. Please support them.