Monday, 7 July 2014

St. Maria Goretti

6th July - Born in 1890 at Corinaldo, a small village in Italy, Maria Goretti was one of five children. The early death of the father left the widowed mother with a very needy family. The moved from place to place and finally settled as tenant farmers at Nettuna, in the marshy areas of central Italy.

Maria was a cheerful child and was an encouraging help to her mother. Her devotion was simple and in keeping with her age, but the courage and fidelity she showed in walking the long distance to the nearest town to learn her catechism indicated her solid character.

The greatest test of her life was swift and sudden but not unannounced.

A young man of eighteen, as he had on two previous occasions, attempted to lead Maria into sin against
chastity. The childlike virgin of twelve, with the fortitude of a martyr, cried out that she would rather die than commit sin. It was an echo of what she had previously said to her mother: "a thousand deaths rather than commit one sin".

To the passionately angered young man she protested, "God does not want it. It is a sin. You will go to Hell".

But in the madness of his frustration, he struck at her savagely with a dagger and left her dying.

Brought to the hospital in the nearby town, she died surrounded by the parish priest, her mother and the nuns. She forgave her assassin and with great peace told those surrounding her bed, "It is Jesus I am soon going to see".

Years after her death, her attacker was converted in prison and was the chief witness for her beatification, which took place on 27th April, 1947. Her mother, Assunta Goretti, was present at the beatification as well as the canonisation which took place three years later.

Reflection - The early education of a Christian sets the foundation. This is particularly true in matters of modesty and chastity. Nowadays when physical pleasure is shamelessly advertised, and natural modesty belittled, the courageous and heroic act of Maria Goretti should be an inspiration to all to preserve chastity at all costs.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Americanism & The Anti-Christian Conspiracy

Today, 4th July, is a glorious anniversary for it's the Feast of St. Bertha, an Abbess and relative of the Kentish Kings of Saxon England.

Other than that it also marks the date of Masonic Liberalism being officially foisted onto the world in more modern times with the US Declaration of Independence in 1776. From the political and philosophical Liberalism inherent in the founding principles of the USA arose the heresy of Americanism, held by members of the Catholic hierarchy in the United States of America, which came to prominence a century later.

In his riveting expose, Americanism & The Anti-Christian Conspiracy, initially written in 1899, Mgr. Henri Delassus affirmed the Church's condemnation of Liberal Catholicism as a great effort "undertaken to destroy the work of Christ in morals, in laws, in the institutions and even in the Church Herself".

The monsignor, a leading light of the 19th century Catholic counter-revolution, whose work was praised by Pope St. Pius X, identifies this Liberal Catholicism as "nothing other than the revolutionary spirit," calling it "a counterfeit Catholicism," which begets "the democratic doctrine," which begets "Americanism" and "Modernism".

Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Doctrines of Genesis I - XI

In his valiant combat to defeat the heretical poison of Modernism that was attacking the historical inerrancy of Holy Scripture during his reign, Pope Saint Pius X decreed, in 1907, in Praestantia Scripturae that:

"We now declare and expressly enjoin that all Without exception are bound by an obligation of conscience to submit to the decisions of the Pontifical Biblical Commission, whether already issued or to be issued hereafter, exactly as to the decrees of the Sacred Congregations which are on matters of doctrine and approved by the pope.....".

The Pontifical Biblical Commission, then an arm of the Holy Office, decreed, in 1909, Concerning the Historical Character of the First Three Chapters of Genesis, that:

"III.   In particular may the literal historical sense be called in doubt in the case of facts narrated in the same chapters which touch the foundations of the Christian religion: as are, amongst others... the formation of the first woman from the first man.....
Answer: In the negative".

The revealed doctrine is clear, has been constantly taught by the Church throughout the centuries, and the obligation for a Catholic to believe it re-enforced in modern times by decree of an organ of the Holy Office, under the command of Pope Saint Pius X.

What can be concluded, then, about a man who, in an interview published in the major daily Italian newspaper Il Messaggero, on 30th June 2014, stated that:

"The fact is that woman was taken from a rib... [he laughs heartily]. It's a joke, I'm joking!" ?

"Creative Destruction Is Our Middle Name"

The Chaldean Archbishop of Erbil, in Mesopotamia, reports that for the first time in 1,600 years the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is no longer celebrated in Mosul, the Biblical city of Nineveh.

The Neo-Con campaign of anarchy and annihilation launched in 1990 by the Masonic Powers and the Bandit State of Israel against secular Arab territories resisting US attempts to build and impose a New World Order - territories where Catholics were free to practice the Faith - has now, a quarter of a century later, resulted in a virtual wiping of Christianity off the Middle Eastern map.

In 2003, just before the Second Gulf War, some 35,000 Catholics peacefully lived and practiced the Faith in Mosul. Now, there are none - the remaining 3,000 Catholics of Mosul fleeing the barbaric hordes of Jihadists whose origins are traced to the Al-Qaeda terrorist groups formed, financed and trained by the USA.

Whilst patiently awaiting the last vestiges of the Catholic Faith to disappear from Arabia, the Conciliar Church responded by hosting Islamic prayers and readings from the Quran at the NewVatican, one of which allegedly implored the Moslem deity to grant Islam victory over the infidel.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

The Precious Blood

1st July: - The Precious Blood

Why do we honour the Most Precious Blood of Jesus?

Because it is, as Father Faber indicates by the subtitle of his book on the subject, The Price of Our Salvation.

Our Lord died on the Cross from loss of blood. Hence his Precious Blood is in truth the instrument of our salvation.

With this thought being central to his book Father Faber explores, in his inimitable manner, all the implications of the Precious Blood of Jesus in our lives - its mystery and necessity, its history and prodigality, the devotion we should have towards it, and the sway of its empire. For "it is from the Precious Blood of Jesus alone that our salvation comes".

The Precious Blood by Father Faber is therefore actually a study in our salvation, but, as with all of his books, it is more; it is also a resume of our faith and of our religion from the standpoint of this dominant insight. After this book, the reader will conclude with Father Faber that "it is out of the Precious Blood that men draw martyrdoms, vocations, celibacies, austerities, heroic charities and all the magnificent graces of high sanctity".