Thursday, 7 November 2013

An Urgent Prayer Request

We received an urgent prayer request from The Catholic Volunteer Movement, an apostolate that's dedicated to putting into practice both the Spiritual and the Corporal Works of Mercy for the benefit of the poor, the homeless and the needy.

"This prayer request is not for one of our guests, but a regular helper at the Canterbury soup kitchen. Fin is at every soup kitchen helping out and is particularly good at talking to and mixing with our guests.

Last week, when in London, he fell in to a canal and barely escaped with his life. His liver, kidneys and pancreas packed up and his lungs were seriously damaged. He has improved slightly but is still intensive care, and is still having trouble with his lungs so your prayers are urgently requested for his intentions and safe recovery".

Pictured on the right: CVM helpers attending to the needs of spiritually and materially destitute souls in Canterbury, Oxford and Winchester.

They are always in great need of donations of non-perishable foodstuffs, decent quality unwanted clothing and footwear, blankets, and, of course, cash! They can be contacted at
catholicvolunteermovement @ .

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