Saturday, 17 March 2018

Hymns of Passion and Resurrection

An Irish Dominican priest, Fr Maurice Colgan, dreamed of having ‘Christ at number one for Easter’.

With this in mind he spoke to a number of traditional Irish musicians and convinced them to put together an album telling the story of Easter using the traditional Gaelic hymns and some new material in keeping with the tradition.

The result is Célí Dé collective – Hymns of Passion & Resurrection - which became so popular in Ireland when it was released that it rose to the top of the music sales.

The songs recount the story of Holy Week.

The first three tracks, Domhnach na Pailme (Palm Sunday), Duan Chroí Íosa(Hymn to the Heart of Jesus) and Deus Meus (My God) lead up to Holy Thursday and the start of the passion of Christ, with tracks Amhrán na Páise(Song on the Passion) and Críost Liom (St Patrick’s Breastplate).

On Good Friday come hymns of lament from the Mother of Jesus, Caoineadh na dTrí Muire (the Lament of the Three Marys) and Seacht nDólás na Maighdine Muire (The Seven Sorrows of Mary).

Holy Saturday is captured by two stark, but beautiful tracks Iontas (Wonder) and A Mhaighdean Bheannaithe (O Holy Virgin).

Finally, the joy of the Resurrection, of Easter, of Jesus as King, is heard in the last three tracks An tAiséirí (the Resurrection), Amhrán na Cásca (the Song of Easter) and Rí an Domhnaigh (King of Sunday).

The lyrics, along with English translation, can be accessed at the Célí Décollective website - 

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

The Free Press

“MEN GRADUALLY came to notice that one thing after another of great public interest, sometimes of vital public interest, was deliberately suppressed in the principal great official papers, and that positive falsehoods were increasingly suggested, or stated.”

~H. Belloc: “The Free Press: An essay on manipulation of news and opinion, and how to counter it.”