Sunday, 9 August 2020

Designs for Christian Living

 Designs for Christian Living was originally published in 1947 and is Book 3 of the Collected Works of Carol Jackson Robinson. 

It suggests the kind of small, mustard-seed endeavours that could, with God's rain and sun, germinate in the soil of the world and provide oases of shade for men weary of secularism. They are mere beginnings, but one must begin somewhere; and beginnings, by their nature, are small. God's own beginning was the infant offspring of a poor, working-class family who lived in a backwater town in an insignificant province of the great Roman Empire; but that child lit a small blaze that eventually set that empire and the entire world on fire.

May Carol Robinson's book be the spark that kindles that same fire in us - the desire and resolve to work, once again, to restore all things in Christ.

Paperback. 166pp