Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Meet the Publishers - Dolorosa Press

Dolorosa Press is a small publishing venture that primarily seeks to make better known the astonishing messages of Our Lady of Good Success in 16th century Ecuador, many of which relate specifically to the great crisis that we are living through today.

Related to Our Lady of Good Success and the country blessed by Heaven to receive and relay these miracles and prophecies for our times are books telling the story of the martyred 19th century president of Ecuador, Gabriel Garcia Moreno, and the 20th century miraculous picture of Our Lady of Quito upon which Pope Pius XII ordered the solemn Canonical Coronation of a crown of gold in 1956.

Another great achievement of this small publishing house is the academically acclaimed full translation and publication of St. Thomas Aquinas' Commentary on the Gospel According to St. Matthew.

Commentary on the Gospel of St. Matthew
Brief History of Our Lady of Good Success and Novena
Consecration of Ecuador to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, The
Garcia Moreno
Miraculous Image of the Madonna of Rimini, The
Our Lady of Quito: Queen of Ecuador
Story of Our Lady of Good Success and Novena, The

A Brief History of Our Lady of Good Success and Novena is also available in French, Polish, Italian and German language editions.

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