Thursday, 18 June 2020

Integrity volume 2

This is the second volume of a multi-volume project to re-publish all of the Integrity issues published from 1946 to 1956. The original editors were Carol Jackson Robinson (1911-2002) and Edward Willock (1916-1960). Dorothy Dohen (1924-1984) succeeded them as editor in 1952.

This volume features the first six issues for 1947. A number of footnotes are included in order to provide more context into what was written at that time - events or people which may not be as readily known in 2020.

The Integrity writers become more focused in their analysis of issues such as: the family, education, social and economic order, fatherhood, Protestantism, and the relationship between the practice of the Faith and its involvement in the governance of society. Such issues were perhaps overlooked at that time by the more mainstream Catholic periodicals, but if the feedback received from the first volume is any indication, Integrity has not lost any of its relevance. 

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Escape from Brussels

With no thanks, and no reward having been given to those who fought so long and hard to extricate the UK from the European Union, former UKIP National Executive Committee member Hugh Williams has written this personal tribute as a gesture of thanks to those with whom he had the privilege of working between 2005 and 2015.

In this illustrated, (and to quote) “interesting, informative and enjoyable” read, which is subtitled "Memoirs of a Freedom Fighter and the Friends He Made on the Way", one follows the life of a man who was born into the Conservative Party (his father and both his grandfathers had been MPs) but decides that he has to sever that connection and, in 1997, switch his political loyalty to a small party that many people had never heard of. 

Against all odds, those thousands of volunteers who worked in and for this then-unknown party, pulled off one of the most significant changes of course in the whole of British history, and, with nobody else seeming willing to thank them, Hugh Williams tries to redress that injustice in Escape from Brussels.

Paperback. 98pp.