Thursday, 18 February 2016

Genetic Entropy

In Genetic Entropy, Cornell University researcher John Sanford lifts the rug to see what Evolutionary Theory has swept under it. He shows that, not only does Darwinism not have answers for how information got into the genome, it doesn't even have answers for how it could remain there.

Genetic Entropy is a brilliant expose of the unreality of the Primary Axiom. It is written in a challenging style, yet is accessible to non-specialists having some minimal background in biology. At the same time it has sufficient substance and documentation to cause the most highly trained biologist to rethink, in a serious way, what he or she has always believed about the Primary Axiom. This book deserves to be read by every professional biologist and biology teacher in the world. It has the potential of changing the outlook of the academic world in a profound way.

Dr. Sanford is a highly qualified geneticist from a major university. He has written a tremendous book detailing compelling new genetic evidence that the human genome is deteriorating, and that it has always been deteriorating - ever since its origin. The profound implications of these findings should be obvious to any thoughtful person. This easy-to-read and wonderfully convincing little volume should be a must-read for concerned people everywhere.

Genetic Entropy provides a lucid and bold account of how the human genome is deteriorating due to the accumulation of mutations. This situation has disturbing implications for mankind's future, as well as surprising implications concerning mankind's past.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Evolution Theory and the Sciences: A Critical Examination

The mission of the Gustav Siewerth Academy is to overcome the contradictions between theology, philosophy and the natural sciences in relation to the truth of God, man and creation.

An apparent contradiction between theology and natural science arises from the Bible's claim that God created the world, all kinds of plants and animals, and, finally, man, as the image of Himself, out of nothing. In contrast to this, the predominant view amongst contemporary natural scientists is that everything has originated by chance, through the self-organisation of matter, in a process of 'death and becoming'.

Since natural scientists cannot demonstrate this evolutionary process in the present time experimentally, they claim that this process took place over millions of years. Therefore it is important to know whether the world, the cosmos, the plants and animals, and especially man, really came into being over these enormous periods of time.

In the Spring of 2009, 23rd February, an interesting workshop for experts in philosophy and natural science took place in Rome under the auspices of the National Research Council of Italy, entitled 'Evolutionary Theory: A Critical Analysis'. As a continuation of this important initiative, Gustav Siewerth Academy organised a follow-up conference for experts in theology, philosophy and natural science from 7th-10th September, 2009.

This conference dealt primarily with the question: "How tenable are the arguments for the evolution of man and the universe over long ages of time?"

The assembled experts demonstrated that the evolutionary arguments brought forth by the majority of contemporary scientists contradict the acknowledged Laws of Nature and, therefore, can be refuted scientifically.

Their presentations are contained in this enlightening book, Evolution Theory and the Sciences: A Critical Examination.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The Light Comes from the East

Our Lord Jesus Christ promised that in the future there would be "one flock and one shepherd," and He has sent His Mother, the Holy Theotokos, to earth to show us how this unity can be achieved in our lifetime.

Heaven's Plan to restore the unity of East and West was revealed by the Holy Mother of God at Fatima, Portugal, in 1917, and confirmed by the greatest public miracle since the Resurrection of Jesus.

This bookThe Light Comes from the East, attempts to explain Our Lord's Fatima plan to restore the unity of His Mystical Body and attempts to show what can be done to help bring that plan to fruition.

The book is spoiled by some unfortunate ill informed and unhelpful passing comments regarding Russia's current government and her President but, nevertheless, Dr. David Allen White, Professor Emeritus of Literature at the United States Naval Academy can still write that "I highly recommend The Light Comes from the East by Mr. Hugh Owen. I found this new book revelatory and absolutely intriguing. It is, in my opinion, a brilliant, original, and clearly inspired piece of work that should be in wide circulation.

"Our Lady's requests have been too long ignored and the world is suffering as a result of that delay. I believe this work could help bring about the compliance with her requests and insure the glorious results she has promised".