Friday, 24 October 2014

The War in La Vendée and the Little Chouannerie

Few histories grip the heart and stir the soul like tales of faithful Catholics rising up in arms to throw off the tyranny of anti-Catholic oppressors.

Such is the story of The War in La Vendee and such is the courage of youth displayed by the teenage scholars of Vannes in the tale of the Little Chouannerie.

The satanic explosion of hatred of Christ, of His Church, and of what remained decent in decaying Catholic France - an explosion known to history as The French Revolution - was valiantly opposed in the west of France by a peasant army in both Brittany and in La Vendee.

George J. Hill, M.A., tells their story.

A drama telling the tale of The War of The Vendee is also available on DVD.

This film is a multi-award-winning historical drama telling the story of the rising of the Vendean Martyrs against the military forces of the French Revolution.

In 1793, after enduring three and a half years of mounting persecution of the Church by the architects of the French Revolution, a small band of faithful peasants and nobles began a Catholic counter-revolution.

This is the largely unknown story of the valiant, six year struggle of the people of a small section of western France, to restore their Holy Religion and their King to the throne. Steeped in the influence of St. Louis de Montfort, and wearing their rosaries and emblems of the Sacred Heart, their sacrifices resulted in countless souls winning their martyrdom to Heaven.

Full Colour. Dolby Audio. 90 minutes

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