Saturday, 18 October 2014

Montini Canonised? .... Never!

The book, 'Paul VI…Beatified?', was the result of Father Luigi Villa answering the call of Cardinal Ruini, Vicar of the Pope for the city of Rome, who had issued an Edict, appearing in the diocesan weekly Roma Sette on 13th May, 1992, which, "invited every single faithful to communicate to us directly … any information" which, in any way, may argue against the reputation of sanctity of the said 'Servant of God'.

In writing this book. Father Villa, playing a 'Devil’s Advocate' (as was the universally acknowledged requirement in the process for beatification), based it on the critical study of thousands of pages of encyclicals, speeches, Conciliar documents, historical journals, commentaries and magazines.

Father Villa waited several years - waiting for others - that were more prominent in the Church to speak out. As all who should have spoken fell silent - Father Villa then felt the urgency to write this book that eventually, although temporarily, stopped the alleged 'beatification' of Paul VI.

Truly shocking information..... and now, after his alleged 'beatification', his so-called 'canonisation'? Only, just like the false 'beatification', possible for a counterfeit Conciliar Church.

For the Catholic Church?


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