Monday, 20 October 2014

A Letter to My Non-Catholic Friend

Without a doubt, Letter to My Non-Catholic Friend is one of the best presentations of the Catholic Faith to non-Catholics available anywhere today.

Not only is it a terrific help in sharing the Catholic Faith with others, it contains so much important information that it's a perfect brush-up course for Catholics as well.

In simple, easy-to-understand, language this wonderful work describes the founding of the Church by Christ, the appointment of Peter as Chief Shepherd on earth, how the Church came to be called 'Catholic', the Protestant rebellion and its causes, the history and proper position of the authority of the Bible, Martin Luther's teachings and the founding of various Protestant sects, the infallibility of the Church and the times and conditions of the infallibility of the Pope, heresies in the Church, good and bad popes, and the conditions of salvation.

Why not give a copy of this book to a non-Catholic friend or relative, or maybe even one friend every month, and watch the fruit of sharing God's greatest gift to us - the Catholic Faith - grow?

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