Wednesday, 29 October 2014

2015 Devotional Calendar - British and Irish Shrines

Some supplies of a worthy 2015 devotional calendar - Traditional Shrines of the British Isles & Ireland - have just arrived.

Produced to raise funds for St. Michael's School in Burghclere - which is situated just a few miles up the road from Carmel Books - the calendar illustrations are provided courtesy of the junior school pupils (with great artistic skill, it has to be said).

It follows the liturgical calendar of 1962 with special emphasis upon the particular saints and feast days of Britain and Ireland.

There is an edition of the calendar for the British Isles and an edition for Ireland. The two editions are identical apart from a change in emphasis on some of the featured saints' feasts.

Stocks of these calendars are limited at Carmel Books, so first come, first served.

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