Monday, 2 December 2013

Sermons of St. Francis de Sales for Advent & Christmas

"St. Francis de Sales, famous Doctor of the Church, is one of the greatest masters of the spiritual life - a wise, learned and gentle teacher for all.

This volume consists of nine sermons preached during Advent and Christmas of various years from 1613 to 1622, the year of his death.

Recognising the central importance of the Mystery of the Incarnation, the holy bishop uses many figures and analogies to explain how we can prepare ourselves for this great feast.

He speaks of the importance of following Mary, the Star of the Sea, who guides us to her Son without fail.

He also brings out many details regarding the mission of St. John the Baptist, in particular pointing out St. John's noble practice of absolute humility despite facing the greatest imaginable temptation to pride and ambition.

These sermons are a veritable revelation of the unsuspected treasures which lie concealed within the familiar words of the Christmas story".

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