Thursday, 12 December 2013

Practising the Works of Mercy

Carmel Books is blessed to be in a position to provide auxiliary help - by supplying miraculous medals, scapulars and plastic rosaries - to groups of faithful Catholics who attempt to live the Faith by practising the Works of Mercy with the homeless, the imprisoned, the sick and other needy members of our crumbling society.

From time to time we are also asked for prayers on behalf of poor souls who would otherwise have no one in this life to pray for them:

"We ask for prayers for the repose of the soul of Philip (Pip) Booth who died recently. His body was not found for several days. He was a regular guest at our early soup kitchens in Canterbury. He also came on the first CVM holiday near Rye where he joined us in a cottage on the beach, rented by a kind CVM supporter. 

This made a big impact on him, and on his return home he determined to improve his lifestyle which he did and was then able to acquire a decent flat. On this holiday he also learnt how to say the Rosary and he often told us that he was saying it as frequently as he could and asked for several replacements when he lost it. 

May Our Blessed Mother pray for him and the repose of his soul". 

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