Thursday, 5 December 2013

Meet the Publishers - St. Edward's Press

St. Edward's Press first started publishing in 1993, its first work being a devotional calendar with particular emphasis on British saints.

It operates under a mission statement, or maxim, known as AIDA. These letters stand for 'An Independent and Different Approach', and the maxim helps St. Edward's Press remain focused on providing important and interesting subject matter that it identifies as not being catered for anywhere else.

It has put this maxim to good use in the past few years by publishing two acclaimed books that shine a light on the underhand and destructive work of the anti-Catholic, New World Order orientated, European Union. 

Europe on 387 Million Euros a Day charts the extent to which the European Union's insidious, unbidden power has imposed itself from the local high street to the waters off the coast of Africa.

Brussels Laid Bare presents the story of how a newly appointed Chief Accountant, responsible for the entire EU budget, attempted to make its finances transparent and accountable only to suffer a systematic campaign of persecution aimed at silencing her.

Its most recent publication is the history reference book, From Ur to Us, that was ferociously attacked by the Mass Media, presumably because it pays no heed to the politically correct historical narrative formulated by the modern Powers-That-Be, but instead presents an accumulative ton of neglected and ignored historical fact that taken together presents a strong case for the desirability of a return to Catholic Order.

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