Sunday, 27 October 2013

Restoring the Bastions

Dear Friends of Carmel Books,

We are pleased to introduce you to a relatively new title that Carmel Books now has stock of.

Restoring the Bastions: The Church Militant at War is a 288 page hardback book with full colour dust jacket written by Fr. Dominic Mary of the Pillar, O.P.

Restoring the Bastions is a collection of essays that strike to the heart of the matter regarding the Crisis in the Church and the tumultuous times in which we live.

The book seeks to answer the desire for Revolution that found expression in the work The Razing of the Bastions by the Swiss theologian Hans Urs von Balthasar in the early 1950’s. He was part of a movement of ‘new theologians’ that sought for an ‘updating’ of the Church by destroying the separation between the Church and a hostile world, and a casting down of the “bastions” by which the Church had protected Herself against the Liberal doctrines assailing Christendom since the 16th century.

The Church has since suffered collapse in the Liturgy, religious life and the practice of the Faith. Millions of Catholics no longer believe in the dogmas of the religion that they claim to profess. The Church will only be able to recover from this crisis when Her members rediscover Her own traditional doctrine and worship.

It is time for clergy and faithful to work to restore the bastions thrown down by the Church’s enemies.

It is time for Christ to be restored to His throne.

Hardback. 288 pages.
£19.95 plus p&p.

Shortly available from Carmel Books for 2014
A free sample of the 2013 Ordo is available to
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