Sunday, 27 October 2013

Everything You Need to Know About History

Dear Friends of Carmel Books,

It’s not very often that the national and regional daily papers decide to use their pages to attack a Catholic book!

The highly readable and enjoyable history reference book From Ur to Us, advertised in our electronic newsletter No. 6, has achieved just that with newspapers like The Mirror, The Telegraph, The Times and The London Evening Standard publishing mocking and disdainful reviews.

Why should the powerful and influential mass media do such a thing rather than just ignore a book apparently destined for a small circulation amongst traditionally-minded Catholics?

The answer seems to be that the Liberal Powers-That-Be truly fear this book and the incredible potential that it has to change ideas and form minds to a correct view of history that is sympathetic to Catholicism.

The author, Hugh Williams, is a leading member of UKIP which is currently enjoying an enormous surge of popular sympathy across the country. And because of that it seems that the Liberal establishment dread that this easy to read and wide-ranging reference book of historical fact, that taken together suggests the desirability of a restoration of Catholic Society, could benefit from that surge of popular sympathy and encourage an interest in the Catholic Faith amongst a very substantial number of people.

From Ur to Us is ideal material for the schoolroom, the public library and the family home.

So let us all help that Liberal nightmare come true by promoting and spreading this book as far and wide as possible with the aim of working towards restoring all things in Christ.

A Recommendation Received by a Carmel Books Customer

"The book arrived in perfect condition this morning. I ordered it because, since the mid 1990’s, when I returned to Tradition, I have been trying to re-learn history. History was always one of my favourite subjects at a Grammar School in the North-East of England, but of course, not having Catholic teachers, I have since discovered how far from the truth much of the teaching was.

This book captivated me as soon as I opened it. It is really amazing. As my wife (who is Danish) and I sat at the breakfast table, I suggested we tried a test: We would look up 'Denmark' in the 'Country by Country' section. Immediately we learnt something new. All Danes know that Harold Blåtand (Bluetooth) established Christianity, but how many know that Bluetooth wireless technology is named after him, because of his skill in communicating. My wife and I did not know that, nor my Danish son-in law, who happened to be present. I shall enjoy asking others".

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