Wednesday, 13 November 2019

The Voice of the Trumpet

"beast” and a “dinosaur” to some, an “extremist” to the mainstream media, and a hero to loving and loyal admirers, Bishop Richard Williamson is likely the most loved and hated Catholic cleric since Fr. Charles Coughlin, the American Radio Priest of the 1930’s, or Fr. Denis Fahey who published extensively against the forces of Organised Naturalism. Either way, it is impossible to avoid him.

In this charming – and, in its own right, provocative – account, his friend and confidant of nearly 30 years, David Allen White, Ph.D.,  explains why.

Beginning with the twin origins of Williamson's family in America and England, and covering his youth, adolescence, schooling, path to Catholicism, the priesthood, and the Society of St. Pius X, Dr. White then explores the most controversial and engaging of the bishop's views as expressed over a decades-long career of pedagogy and polemics.

The work is sure to delight, inform, entertain, and (for some) infuriate. Not to be missed, in any case.

Paperback. 368 pp. 

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