Saturday, 30 November 2019

Ever Ancient, Ever New: Traditional Latin Mass

Beauty, grace, truth, are like God, eternal, and thus it is no wonder that younger generations of Catholics who thirst for God are drawn to the traditional Latin Mass. In it, they see the fingerprint of God.

At first the attraction may be attributed to its perceptible beauty, but with each subsequent Mass the soul begins to pierce through the sublime mystery of the splendid ritual which enshrouds so many truths of Divine revelation.

This most heavenly expression of liturgical worship (especially in its magnificent form of a High Mass) is the legitimate inheritance of every Catholic. Blessed is the soul who has been graced to appreciate and love his patrimony!

This beautifully-produced hardback book, compiled, authored and published by Catholic mother Mary Hernandez Aune, is crammed full of wonderful illustrations and valuable and informative commentary on the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the priest's vestments and the graces and benefits that derive from assisting devoutly at Mass.

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