Thursday, 21 November 2019

Eleison Comments vol. 1

The release of the first hardback compilation of Eleison Comments by Bishop Richard Williamson will be a welcome breath of fresh air to many. No spin, just plain, unvarnished, straight-to-the-point commentary.

Even subscribers to the weekly email version will be surprised at just how many different subjects were covered between July 2007 to May 2011 which this first volume contains. Politics, art, family life, literature, music, prepping, &c, are just a few of the issues addressed, never mind some even more controversial subjects.

Including a superb leading introduction by Dr David Allen White, the final word introducing the Comments belongs to Fr Steven Webber of the Society of Saint Pius X.

"Thus, Bishop Williamson has been a defender of the integral Catholic way of life. In a world darkened by sin and apostasy, he has not gone liberal to meet the world, but he has ever attempted to pull the world to God. Therefore, the bishop has applied the Faith to an ever more surburbanised and industrialised world more glamorous and seductive for Catholics in the world. He has denounced this inhuman way of life which the suburbs and machines offer because it has essentially bankrupted too many hearts and souls. In these moments the bishop's voice and teachings especially were clear and enlightening for the cause of Truth."

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