Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Sick Society

Over a sixteen year period at least 1,400 vulnerable children under the care of Rotherham Social Services were gang-raped and otherwise sexually abused, abducted, beaten, intimidated, and trafficked to other towns and cities to endure more of the same.

Politicians and police knew about it for years but did nothing. Media Presstitutes also knew about it for years but kept an almost implacable silence.

Those 1,400 children constitute 2.5% of Rotherham's 56,000 children.

But that's not all. The 1,400 abused children are only counted from amongst those under the supposed care of the local Social Services. An NSPCC publication from 2000, Child Maltreatment in the United Kingdom: A Study of the Prevalence of Child Abuse and Neglect, states that as a whole an horrific 16% of children in the UK under sixteen years of age suffer sexual abuse.

Remember the months upon months of ceaseless Presstitute Propaganda about alleged widespread Catholic sexual abuse of children? Lurid headlines and grim stories about the Irish Reform Schools (where it turned out that over the thirty-four year period covering the 170,000 children who attended the schools 369 children, 0.2%, had been sexually abused)?

That's 369 children too many, of course, but compared to the staggering prevalence of sexual abuse in non-Catholic society there's no comparison.

But, of course, this latest report and the recent revelations about the very disproportionate numbers of Zionist career politicians allegedly involved in a Westminster paedophile ring will soon be brushed under the carpet and forgotten about in tomorrow's fish and chips wrappers.

It's because the perpetrators are.... well, it's because they're not Catholic.


  1. Greville Janner is suffering from 'dementia' so cannot be questioned about allegations of child abuse. He was attending the Lords every other day until his office was raided, but hasn't been seen since as his ‘health is failing’. His role model must be a fellow member of the Tribe, Guinness fraudster Ernest Saunders, who was released early from prison on grounds of dementia and then made a miraculous recovery.

    Here is the Hansard account of the Commons' response to Lord Janner being named as a paedophile in the Frank Beck trial in 1991. It shows the 'establishment' at its finest. MPs who rose to the defence of Janner are noted below.


    The MP who first leapt to the defence of the Labour peer (as he is now known) and called for a new law to prevent anyone being 'outed' in similar circumstances was David Ashby, who was himself disgraced as a perverted homosexual a few years later!


    The second MP to support Janner is Anthony Beaumont-Dark whose son was later convicted of child porn, but escaped jail.


    MP number 3 - Michael Latham was knighted two years later and is currently a vice President of Conservative Friends of Israel.


    MP number 4 is Keith Vaz............. need I say more?


    The 5th supporter, the splendidly-named Martin Brandon-Bravo, the 6th, Sir John Farr

    Gwyneth Dunwoody (7) admits she is a family friend of the Janner family in her speech. Also Chairman of Labour Friends of Israel at that time.


    Next up is Simon Burns (8).

    Then another big name (9) - Merlyn Rees:

    "The Holocaust Educational Trust was established in 1988 by Lord Greville Janner and the late Rt.Hon Merlyn Rees."


  2. Patrick Cormack (10) chaired All-Party Parliamentary Committee for the Release of Soviet Jewry.


    Alex Carlile (11) a Jew


    Sir Ivan Lawrence (12) a Jew and former Chairman of Conservative Friends of Israel and member of the Board of Deputies of British Jews. As a barrister he defended the Jewish homosexual gangsters the Kray twins.

    Roland Boyes (13)

    John Marshall (14) - leading member of Conservative Friends of Israel.


    Derek Foster (15) - member of Labour Friends of Israel


    Finally, Cecil Franks ............... he wasn't keen on pork pies either.

    Just your average selection of backbench MPs?