Sunday, 10 August 2014

On The Road Again

The past week or so has involved a fair bit of travelling for Carmel Books.

Two trips to London to sell books at conferences relating to Catholic Social Teaching; the first in the hall of a Catholic church in north London, the second at an event organised by Voices of Christendom at a venue in central London. Both events were addressed by John Sharpe, a founding director of IHS Press.

And in between came a trip to Kent where Dr. David Allen White, a world-renowned Catholic Professor of Literature and the author of The Horn of the Unicorn, gave a fascinating series of lectures on Charles Dickens.

So if you are organising Catholic conferences or other events and need a bookstall providing solid Catholic material themed to the meeting, please get in touch and we will help if we can.

We hope to be able to provide audio and DVD recordings of many of Dr. White's excellent conferences in future, but in the meantime readers can get a flavour of what we've all been missing from the video linked here, where Dr. White gives a fascinating lecture on prophecy in Russian literature.

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