Monday, 4 August 2014

Champion Scapulars for Catholic Champions Fighting Their Way to Heaven!

Catholic champion Charlie Flynn made sure his brown scapular was prominently on show to millions of BBC and YouTube viewers on Saturday night after winning a boxing gold for Scotland at the Commonwealth Games.

Charlie's scapulars are supplied by Carmel Books and made by the Sisters of Saint Joseph. Hard-wearing scapulars for hard-wearing Catholics!

At just £2.95 for a pure wool scapular, that if worn devoutly will certainly aid you in the fight to merit Heaven, you really can't go wrong.

After this shameless plug, leeching off the lad's momentous achievement, a couple of black eyes could be coming the way of Carmel Books' manager (he's already got cauliflower ears - they come naturally), so to soften the blow we'll make an appeal on Charlie's behalf.

The Catholic Champ needs sponsorship to help him prepare towards selection for the next Olympic Games. So if there are any Catholic businessmen out there who read this appeal and could possibly help sponsor Charlie - either in large part or in small part - please get in touch with Carmel Books and we'll put you in touch with Team Charlie.

Imagine a Catholic gold medallist in two years' time standing on top of a podium on a world stage with his scapular (and rosary beads? - small hint there, Charlie) and publicly thanking Our Lord for all the blessings given him. Let's help make it happen.

Website Gremlins

The Carmel Books website developed a Gremlin that caused it to go offline over the weekend. The problem has been identified and fixed and we are back online. Apologies to customers who may have tried to access the website without success over the past few days.

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  1. Well done Charlie! We are sure you will be offered many opportunities alongside many temptations out there, We are adding you to our rosary list.
    All the Best
    The Jackson Family