Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Doctrines of Genesis I - XI

In his valiant combat to defeat the heretical poison of Modernism that was attacking the historical inerrancy of Holy Scripture during his reign, Pope Saint Pius X decreed, in 1907, in Praestantia Scripturae that:

"We now declare and expressly enjoin that all Without exception are bound by an obligation of conscience to submit to the decisions of the Pontifical Biblical Commission, whether already issued or to be issued hereafter, exactly as to the decrees of the Sacred Congregations which are on matters of doctrine and approved by the pope.....".

The Pontifical Biblical Commission, then an arm of the Holy Office, decreed, in 1909, Concerning the Historical Character of the First Three Chapters of Genesis, that:

"III.   In particular may the literal historical sense be called in doubt in the case of facts narrated in the same chapters which touch the foundations of the Christian religion: as are, amongst others... the formation of the first woman from the first man.....
Answer: In the negative".

The revealed doctrine is clear, has been constantly taught by the Church throughout the centuries, and the obligation for a Catholic to believe it re-enforced in modern times by decree of an organ of the Holy Office, under the command of Pope Saint Pius X.

What can be concluded, then, about a man who, in an interview published in the major daily Italian newspaper Il Messaggero, on 30th June 2014, stated that:

"The fact is that woman was taken from a rib... [he laughs heartily]. It's a joke, I'm joking!" ?

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