Friday, 4 July 2014

Americanism & The Anti-Christian Conspiracy

Today, 4th July, is a glorious anniversary for it's the Feast of St. Bertha, an Abbess and relative of the Kentish Kings of Saxon England.

Other than that it also marks the date of Masonic Liberalism being officially foisted onto the world in more modern times with the US Declaration of Independence in 1776. From the political and philosophical Liberalism inherent in the founding principles of the USA arose the heresy of Americanism, held by members of the Catholic hierarchy in the United States of America, which came to prominence a century later.

In his riveting expose, Americanism & The Anti-Christian Conspiracy, initially written in 1899, Mgr. Henri Delassus affirmed the Church's condemnation of Liberal Catholicism as a great effort "undertaken to destroy the work of Christ in morals, in laws, in the institutions and even in the Church Herself".

The monsignor, a leading light of the 19th century Catholic counter-revolution, whose work was praised by Pope St. Pius X, identifies this Liberal Catholicism as "nothing other than the revolutionary spirit," calling it "a counterfeit Catholicism," which begets "the democratic doctrine," which begets "Americanism" and "Modernism".

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