Thursday, 3 July 2014

"Creative Destruction Is Our Middle Name"

The Chaldean Archbishop of Erbil, in Mesopotamia, reports that for the first time in 1,600 years the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is no longer celebrated in Mosul, the Biblical city of Nineveh.

The Neo-Con campaign of anarchy and annihilation launched in 1990 by the Masonic Powers and the Bandit State of Israel against secular Arab territories resisting US attempts to build and impose a New World Order - territories where Catholics were free to practice the Faith - has now, a quarter of a century later, resulted in a virtual wiping of Christianity off the Middle Eastern map.

In 2003, just before the Second Gulf War, some 35,000 Catholics peacefully lived and practiced the Faith in Mosul. Now, there are none - the remaining 3,000 Catholics of Mosul fleeing the barbaric hordes of Jihadists whose origins are traced to the Al-Qaeda terrorist groups formed, financed and trained by the USA.

Whilst patiently awaiting the last vestiges of the Catholic Faith to disappear from Arabia, the Conciliar Church responded by hosting Islamic prayers and readings from the Quran at the NewVatican, one of which allegedly implored the Moslem deity to grant Islam victory over the infidel.

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