Wednesday, 5 February 2014

UN Instructs Vatican to Implement Systematic Child Abuse Programme

Today, on the Feast of St. Agatha, holy Virgin martyred for the love of purity and chastity, the United Nations urged the Vatican to get with the programme and institute a real and effective policy of systematic child abuse.

The would-be New World Order government, whose Secretary General Ban Ki-moon hailed the election of Jorge Bergoglio last year, presented its instruction in a report published today by its 'Committee on the Rights of the Child'.

The UN report critically examined the Vatican's response to sexual predators, concluding that it didn't like Vatican officials pussy-footing around, wasting time and effort covering up for child molesters. The UN child abuse authorities urged the Vatican to implement more effective policies by promoting contraception, sodomy and the annihilation of unborn children as soon as possible.

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  1. I believe that the policy towards the abuse of children should be open and transparent and perpetrators of such crimes should be brought to book - not only in the Catholic church, but also in ALL areas where this abomination occurs. HOWEVER A POLICY "promoting" contraception, sodomy, and the annihilation of the unborn child (if I've read this right) is also an absolute ABOMINATION!