Monday, 17 February 2014

Pre-Bugnini Breviary In the Pipeline?

Priests interested in purchasing copies of the pre-Bugnini Missale Romanum have already started to express their interest to Carmel Books, and a common point was raised with each enquiry. "We need a pre-Bugnini Breviary"!

Carmel Books sent this feedback to the USA-based publishers who are engaged in working on producing the 1948-based Altar Missal.

This is what we were told: "Our next project is exactly as you mentioned, the pre-1945 four volume Breviarium".

We understand that this second project of producing an uncontaminated Breviary depends entirely upon the success of the current project to produce the Altar Missal. The publishers require a certain number of pre-orders before they can go ahead and print, so if you're in Britain, Ireland or elsewhere in Europe please don't delay in contacting Carmel Books so we can pass on your pre-orders.


  1. I wonder if this breviary will include Pope Pius X's 1911 changes or no? Those have also been criticised heavily for being very untraditional for having done away with the ancient arrangement of the Psalter.

  2. An interesting question, The Maestro.

    You can contact them through their website.

  3. The Breviary we are looking to publish would indeed be the Divino Afflatu version.