Monday, 10 February 2014

Small Confession

Small confession .... that is the confession of small children, has just become the next targetted attack against the Church founded by Christ by the despicable anti-clerical 'presstitutes' of a modern media that is itself soaked in the glorification of sexual perversion and awash with near-pornography.

In a ludicrous attempt to blame Pope Saint Pius X for clerical child abuse, a new book written by the greatly-discredited hack John Cornwall claims that by lowering the age of First Communion and First Confession the holy pope opened the doors to paedophilia.

Totally ignoring the fact that in the Catholic confessional priest and penitent are physically separated by a wall and grille with separate entrances when 'in the box', the media hacks are actually complaining of the 'come into my room and relax on this comfy sofa' practice of the Conciliar Church and the worldly pre-conciliar Liberals who gave rise to it in the first place.

But, of course, the anti-clerical enemies of the Catholic Church insist on calling their monstrous and parasitical creation the 'Catholic' Church. It successfully drives poor souls away from the One Ark of Salvation.

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  1. glad there are others on my wavelength !!
    why do they attack dead people e.g. Pope Pius X, who can't answer back ?