Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The Church Turned Upside Down & Restoring the Bastions

The Church Turned Upside Down seeks to present to the reader a number of essays that deal with the Catholic Church, both before and after the Second Vatican Council.

The purpose is simple. By an examination of official documents of both periods, the reader will decide if a mere facelift has occurred, or rather, whether a revolution has taken place that has overthrown the traditional teaching of the Church in favour of one more in keeping with ideas long condemned by the Church.

Restoring the Bastions answers the challenge of Von Balthasar and others who promoted the 'New Theology' that demanded that the bastions protecting the Church from the world be thrown down.
The ensuing crisis has led to the emptying out of monasteries and seminaries, the destruction of the Church's liturgical heritage, and widespread dissent to its teachings.

The answer to such a crisis involves restoring the bastions that had been destroyed by the Modernist theologians.

To do this, however, it is necessary to regain some sense of the Church's traditional stand on a number of issues: inspiration of Scripture, the meaning of Tradition, the nature of the Mass, and Christ's relation to society and the family. These questions are discussed in a number of essays briefly treating of matters once universally accepted in the Catholic world.

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