Monday, 8 December 2014

Open Letter to Confused Catholics

On this holy Feast of the Immaculate Conception, 2006, at 3pm, went to Judgement our dear friend Fr. Michael Crowdy, friend, confident and counselor of many souls, both great and small, including Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre for whom he supplied the Preface for what was then "in English Archbishop Lefebvre's recently published book (his only one apart from some collections of addresses)".

"Fr Michael Crowdy was for many years a priest of the London Oratory & in some ways, juridically at least, stayed one all his life. He he kept in touch with a number of the fathers and remained devoted to St Philip. He died on 8th December, 2006, aged 92 after many years of devoted work to further the cause of Tradition in this country," read one of the notices of his death.

The book in question was Open Letter to Confused Catholics, an explanation and appeal as useful and relevant today as ever it was when first published in English nearly thirty years ago.

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