Monday, 15 September 2014

The Seven Dolors of Our Lady

The Seven Sorrows of Our Lady:
  • at the prophecy of Simeon;
  • at the flight into Egypt;
  • having lost the Holy Child at Jerusalem;
  • meeting Jesus on His way to Calvary;
  • standing at the foot of the Cross;
  • Jesus being taken from the Cross;
  • at the burial of Christ.

On 20th April, 1906, thirty-six boys attending the boarding school of the Jesuit Fathers at Quito, Ecuador, together with Father Andrew Roesch, witnessed the first miracle of this famous picture.

Whilst in the refectory they saw the Blessed Mother slowly open and shut her eyes. The same miracle occurred several times after this.

Subsequently the canonical process of examination was carried out by the ecclesiastical authorities, and the Vicar General ordered the picture to be transferred in procession from the college to the church of the Jesuit Fathers.

At the church the prodigy was repeated several times before the crowds gathered there, and many conversions took place. Again and again the wonder repeated itself, at one time for three consecutive days. At Riobamba the same wonder was witnessed before a reproduction of the picture. In Quito this picture is known as the Dolorosa del Colegio.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the miracle, His Holiness the Pope Pius XII decreed the Canonical Coronation of the miraculous image of Our Sorrowful Mother, declaring her Queen of the Catholic Education of Ecuador.

Queen of Catholic Education, pray for the children and the young who are being educated without Christ!

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