Saturday, 6 September 2014

Poetry in Motion

Having recently come across the poem 'A Promise to Oneself', by Igor Strelkov, and pinning a copy to the Carmel Books office wall for inspiration, brought to mind that we do stock a small range - it should be a larger selection - of Catholic orientated prose both for children and adults.

Our small stock, which we hope to expand, includes Cardinal Newman's Collected Poems and The Dream of Gerontius, as well as Old Testament Rhymes and An Alphabet of Saints by Fr. Robert Hugh Benson for the smaller folk.

A Promise To Oneself

Don’t wait for orders! Don’t delay
With reference to rest!
Forge forth! Through wind and piercing rain
And blizzard’s howling wail!

Abandon comfort’s cozy quilt —
You’re young, the way is yours!
You’ll have the time to rest your soul
When they lament your death!

Be brave, be fair, don’t heed the tongues
That ridicule and sneer.
And as a leader, take the brunt
Of duty on yourself!

If you have never been at fault,
Your life’s a wasted bloom —
You’ve shied away from picking up
The burdens of this world!

Whatever brings your lot to you —
Success or failure’s wrath,
Remember this – your measure’s worth
Will only judge our Lord!

Igor Ivanovich Strelkov, 1991
(Translated from Russian)

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