Saturday, 26 April 2014

Who Is 'Saint' John Paul II?

Conciliar Church 'Canonisation' Countdown

In 1984 - the year, not the book! - John Paul II radically did away with the traditional processes that had hitherto been considered to help provide an infallible character to beatifications and canonisations of the Catholic Church.

On Low Sunday, the Conciliar Church will attempt to 'canonise' itself and its Vatican II Revolution by 'canonising' John XXIII and John Paul II, two of its great architects and protectors.

As George Orwell could well have written using 'Newspeak' in his prophetic vision of 1984:

'Oldthinkers unbellyfeel Newchurch'.

The Italian magazine, Chiesa Viva, whose editor Don Luigi Villa was commissioned by Padre Pio over 50 years ago to fight Freemasonry in the Catholic Church, dedicated issue 430 as a 96 page dossier, packed with both full colour and black and white photographs, focusing on the life and beliefs of Karol Wojtyla / John Paul II.
Documenting his family life before his rise to the papacy, his ideas, his philosophy, his theology, his statements and his travels, Fr. Luigi Villa explains why Karol Wojtyla / John Paul II was not a fitting candidate for an alleged beatification - all the more relevant now that he is about to be 'canonised' for the Conciliar Church.

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