Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Peter, Lovest Thou Me?

Conciliar Church 'Canonisation' Countdown

In 1984 - the year, not the book! - John Paul II radically did away with the traditional processes that had hitherto been considered to help provide an infallible character to beatifications and canonisations of the Catholic Church.

On Low Sunday, the Conciliar Church will attempt to 'canonise' itself and its Vatican II Revolution by 'canonising' John XXIII and John Paul II, two of its great architects and protectors.

As George Orwell could well have written using 'Newspeak' in his prophetic vision of 1984:

'Oldthinkers unbellyfeel Newchurch'.

From the postface:

"To read these lines presenting the true face of John Paul II is a terrifying experience for the faithful Catholic, it fills the soul with sadness and dread.

Also, it raises serious problems of faith for any true Catholic; problems that often have no solution, although they explain the perplexity and confusion which are now troubling even those whose faith is strongest.

The pope is Peter, the rock on which Christ founded His Church. He is the one whose faith must not fail; who is to confirm his brethren, feed his sheep, feed the lambs. It is he who, assisted by the Holy Ghost has, for almost twenty centuries in this manner given the papacy a moral credibility unique in the history of the world.

Is it conceivable that, since the 1960's, the Apostolic See has been occupied by popes who have been the cause of the "auto-demolition of the Church" and are spreading within it "the smoke of Satan"? Leaving aside the pertinent question of what these popes are, we are certainly obliged to ask ourselves questions about what they do, and we can observe with alarm and amazement that they are introducing the Revolution of '89 into the Church, complete with its motto, its charter, which is fundamentally opposed to the principles of the Catholic Faith.

This book is very enlightening on the activities of John Paul II, a true follower of Paul VI.

We have the facts before our eyes which, enlightened by the immutable Catholic Faith, are now, with increasing sorrow and grief, seeing the Church threatened with complete ruin.

Echoing the popes before the 1960's, who foretold the disasters that would come upon the Church if their warnings were not listened to and their condemnations not heeded, and echoing the prophecies of Our Lady at La Salette and Fatima, let us strive to re-establish the Church upon the eternal principles taught by the Magisterium for nearly twenty centuries, rejecting the errors of the Liberal Modernist Revolution, even when these errors may be endorsed by those who occupy the See of Peter.

The Declaration we made on 21st November, 1974, after the first visit to Rome is still relevant, and we were obliged to reaffirm it after our second visit in 1987. We must reject Modernist Rome as it pursues its course of destroying the Faith and Christianity. It is our daily duty to repudiate it by attaching ourselves to the eternal Rome, proclaiming more than ever the need for the Reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother, Mary our Queen.

To bring about the coming of this reign, we need bishops, we need priests and religious who have but one name on their lips, and one love in their hearts, that of Our Lord Jesus Christ".

+Marcel Lefebvre
Econe, 7th June, 1988.

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