Tuesday, 21 November 2017

One Million Russian Voices

A petition of more than one million signatories is being handed to President Putin today, calling for a complete and total ban on abortion in Russia. That’s the same as more than half-a-million people in Britain petitioning for a complete ban on abortion, and is the biggest petition to government in Russian history.
The signatures were collected by more than 5,000 activists from the Russian Pro-Life association ‘Za Zhizn’.
The Russian Pro-Life association works hard every day to save unborn children: they advise pregnant women in difficulty, offer economic support and even provide homes for young mothers and destitute families. As well as providing direct support to help mothers keep their babies, they carry out constant cultural and informational activities including conferences, exhibitions, round-tables, and street leafleting.
Our Russian friends are asking for the prayers, moral support and publicity of the pro-life environment around the world on this auspicious day.
One important way that you can help build the pro-life movement is to educate family members, friends and work colleagues. 'The Attack on the Family and the European Response' is an excellent resource that makes an ideal present for Christmas.

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