Monday, 31 October 2016

Vitally Important New Book - Don't Miss Out!

Don't miss out on this vitally important and brilliant new book that needs to be read and digested by everyone who values family and children and society.
"The Enlightenment and Marxist vision reached its logical conclusion in the twentieth century. If children are no longer the children of someone but an asset of everyone, the State can, or even must, assume the task of educating them. National Socialism and Communism both implemented this terrible folly as widely as possible, taking children away from their families for long periods with state schools, parades, ceremonies and youth institutions all helping make children assets of the State.
These state assets could 'naturally' be sterilised, selected, experimented with, expropriated...... both in National Socialist Germany and in Bolshevik Russia. This was indeed 'real Socialism' . The Stalinist Preobrazhensky wrote: "From the socialist point of view it makes no sense that a member of society considers his own body private property because the individual is but a passing point between the past and the future," so that to society belongs "the total and unconditional right to intervene with its rules into even an individuals sex life, to improve the race by natural selection".
Turning to more current events, it is essential to remember that in the cultural narrative of the student protest movements of 1968, the family was viewed as an oppressive institution that should be defeated, a 'gas chamber', a suffocating cage, a cultural curse and unnatural.
These anti-family ideological trends helped shape the climate in which the laws which legalised divorce and abortion were introduced. Thereby, the family is no longer indissoluble. Love is not forever and children no longer have the security of two parents. At the same time, parents are no longer faithful to the love of their child but instead they can choose to kill it, disposing of it with methods which, although commonplace, are unbelievably brutal.
But even this is not enough. If the family is something that is not natural but merely the cultural expression of an economic relationship, there are no limits to it being changed and dismantled. It is necessary, using a term of the great speculator George Soros, but also of the new global world, "to open up" the family as much as possible, then unhinge it as much as possible. Hence not merely multiple genders for individuals but also all the new possible 'families' that lie ahead for modern man, thanks to bio-technology, which is the force to destroy the family completely".

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