Thursday, 15 September 2016

The Green Pail: An Irish Tale

An elderly Irish couple attempt to come to terms with changes in modern western culture which they are convinced are by no means always good. And yet hope and goodness shine precisely in their fierce kindness and the values they find sorely tried.

"One hears the sea birds through the panes of small wind-cleaned windows, smells last night's supper as one noses around the books and bottles, avoids the creaky part of the wood floors lest one disturb the holy magic of morning, remains very still amidst the flow of silent smiles. Leo and Lena are the most intense couple in all of Ireland, but only they and we know it. I wanted a green pail of my own after reading of them.. It is enough, however, to have laughed and cried with them"  

-  Carol O'Reilly,

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