Friday, 24 June 2016

Money Manipulation and Social Order

Father Denis Fahey (1883-1954) was one of the most erudite and holy priests of his day.

He had learnt from the popes that the world’s ills are due to errors spread by organised forces of subversion hostile to the reign of Christ, and that their cure can be found in the opposing truths exposed by Saint Thomas Aquinas. His books set out the opposition between the programme of Christ the King for the good of mankind and the programme of modern naturalism and liberalism which invariably wreaks ruin.
In Money Manipulation and Social Order, Father Fahey explains how the world’s banking system works, how money is brought into being, what determines its value, how it is distributed and all major economic phenomena. In contrast with this, he sets out what money ought to be and how the world’s finances would be organized if men would submit to the sweet yoke of Christ in public as well as in private life.
Fahey denounces as immoral and suicidal the debt-spiral of money created as an interest-bearing loan.

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