Monday, 14 March 2016

The School of Saint Philip Neri

Bishop Crispino invites his readers to become scholars in the school of Saint Philip and to pursue holiness by the saint's methods and example as well as those of his immediate disciples.

Saint Philip Neri was chosen by God to renew the penances, the holiness and the miracles of the Fathers of the desert in the heart of post-Renaissance Rome. Many of his disciples also attained great holiness under the Saint’s guidance. The city of Rome was transformed. He converted great sinners and little ones and even ... the lukewarm. He knew how to cure vices however incurable and shameful they might appear. Humour and humility, austerity and originality seasoned his apostolate.

Every page of his life-story is fascinating, yet this book is not a biography, but a complete guide to the spiritual life:one that is irresistibly entertaining, with its constant thread of edifying anecdotes, charming the reader’s imagination as it leads him insensibly to aspire to imitate as well as admire.

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