Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The Light Comes from the East

Our Lord Jesus Christ promised that in the future there would be "one flock and one shepherd," and He has sent His Mother, the Holy Theotokos, to earth to show us how this unity can be achieved in our lifetime.

Heaven's Plan to restore the unity of East and West was revealed by the Holy Mother of God at Fatima, Portugal, in 1917, and confirmed by the greatest public miracle since the Resurrection of Jesus.

This bookThe Light Comes from the East, attempts to explain Our Lord's Fatima plan to restore the unity of His Mystical Body and attempts to show what can be done to help bring that plan to fruition.

The book is spoiled by some unfortunate ill informed and unhelpful passing comments regarding Russia's current government and her President but, nevertheless, Dr. David Allen White, Professor Emeritus of Literature at the United States Naval Academy can still write that "I highly recommend The Light Comes from the East by Mr. Hugh Owen. I found this new book revelatory and absolutely intriguing. It is, in my opinion, a brilliant, original, and clearly inspired piece of work that should be in wide circulation.

"Our Lady's requests have been too long ignored and the world is suffering as a result of that delay. I believe this work could help bring about the compliance with her requests and insure the glorious results she has promised".

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