Saturday, 1 August 2015

Vatican Encounter

Vatican Encounter consists of a little-known interview between Archbishop Lefebvre and a Dutch Catholic journalist in 1976.

It covers everything from the Archbishop’s family background in Northern France to the veneration of the Senegalese people for their bishop and his anti-Liberal interdict on the Island of Fadiouth. It includes the courageous attacks made by the Archbishop at the Council, as well as his letter of 1966, one year after the Council. It also features the story of EcĂ´ne, the dreary days of the apostolic visitors, and the accusations and sanctions against the seminary.

Yet, beyond the wonderful details of the book are underlined the vital principles which animated the founder of the Society of St. Pius X - the same principles which all its members are supposed to hold as definitive and non-negotiable. This work reveals a striking characteristic of the man, a mind and heart deeply at peace in the thick of pressure:

“I am not worried. God is almighty; what appears insurmountable to us is only a little thing in his eyes. If my work is God’s work, God will preserve it and make it serve the Church for the salvation of souls."

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