Wednesday, 11 June 2014

A Simple Prayer Book - Back In Stock

The traditional version of A Simple Prayer Book is back in stock at last! 

This really useful little pocket-sized booklet has been an important part of Catholic life for over a hundred years and in its lifetime has sold copies beyond count.

It is cheap, but extremely valuable!

Cheap in price - it retails at just £2.50 and is ideal to give to potential converts, as well as being something that can easily be carried around for personal use by the practicing Catholic. 

Rosary beads in one pocket - A Simple Prayer Book in another!

Valuable because of its precious and timeless content that has helped to form countless souls for Heaven.

Its 80 pages contain the most basic prayers, including the full text of the traditional Mass (excluding the variables), Benediction, Summary of Christian Doctrine, the Rosary, Stations of the Cross, and much more.

This is a reprint of the 1957 edition that carries an imprimatur from 1951, before the prayerbook was mauled in the 1960's.


* Usual Prayers 
* Morning Prayers
* Night Prayers
* Additional Prayers
* Holy Mass
* Prayers After Low Mass
* Prayers For the Sovereign
* Prayers for Confession
* Prayers for Holy Communion
* Prayer Before a Crucifix
* Benediction
* Litany of the Blessed Virgin
* Prayer for England
* The Divine Praises
* The Way of the Cross
* The Holy Rosary
* A Quarter of an Hour Before the Blessed Sacrament
* Summary of Christian Doctrine
* The Church's Law Concerning Marriage

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