Thursday, 1 May 2014

St. Joseph the Worker

Beyond Capitalism and Socialism 

A must-read for Catholics interested in socio-economic questions, this book offers answers that may surprise and will certainly intrigue those seeking to acquaint themselves with the Church's traditional social doctrine and its spirit.

Distributist Perspectives - 2 volumes

A collection of essays by leading thinkers of the school of English Distributists that in the 1920's and 1930's articulated a humane vision of social and economic life based upon the Social Doctrine of the Church.

The Guild State

G.R.S. Taylor's Guild State is at once an inspiring vindication of the social principles of the Middle Ages as found in the guild system and a clarion call for their implementation in our society. Capturing  the essence of guild organisation as it existed centuries ago and as it can be profitably applied today, Taylor also highlights the key features of the guilds, which offer the modern world both a credible economic alternative to the failures of Left and Right, and an unparalleled tool for social regeneration.

Nazareth or Social Chaos

This short collection of essays drawn from the common sense of Catholic Social Doctrine distills the wisdom of Father Vincent McNabb's years of preaching in London's Hyde Park into short tidbits of wisdom, as entertaining to read as they are challenging and thought-provoking.
Examining the insanity (and that was in 1933!) of urbanized and industrialized life, and its deleterious effects on nature, community, family, and the spirit, Fr. McNabb offers a challenge to his readers to "flee to the fields" and seek a life not dominated by technology and artificial schedules but by Our Blessed Lord and His natural creation.

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