Saturday, 1 March 2014

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Dedwydd! - Happy Feast of St. David!

"Welsh is the language of my people. Latin is the language of my Church".
   -   LMS member Saunders Lewis to Michael Davies.

"For one of the profoundest ideas of the Middle Ages, and the idea Christianity inherited from the Greeks, was the idea that unity contains variety. There was one law and one civilisation throughout Europe, but that law, that civilisation took on many forms and many colours. It did not occur to the rulers of a country to destroy the characteristics of another land's civilisation, even when they conquered that land. For beneath the numerous differences, remained the oneness, the moral and spiritual oneness. And so oneness of belief, the conformity of the countries, was a protection and a cradle for every regional culture and the special qualities of every part of Europe. Hence it was Christianity and the Church that protected Welsh civilisation. Despite being conquered, being oppressed too, and that quite cruelly, it grew upright and without losing the innate qualities of its culture".
   -   Saunders Lewis, The Principles of Nationalism

Bydd Lawen Cadw'r Ffydd - Be Merry Keep the Faith

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