Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Moslems: Their Beliefs, Practices, and Politics

Consisting of a series of articles from the original Catholic Encyclopedia regarding Islam authored by Fr. Gabriel Oussani, along with Hilaire Belloc's essay concerning 'The The Great and Enduring Heresy of Mohammed', the book Moslem's: Their Beliefs, Practices and Politics provides a useful historical background that helps give insight to current world events where Islam takes a central stage.

But little could Belloc or Fr. Oussani have foreseen that several generations later a barbaric Mohammedan sect of Wahhabist - Salafist Jihadists would be waging a worldwide proxy war of terror and destabilisation, from Afghanistan and Chechnya, to Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, and all the way down to the central regions of Africa, advancing the geo-political interests of the US-Israeli-Saudi axis who created and fund them.

When Hilaire Belloc and the Chaldean priest and historian Fr. Gabriel Oussani published their essays in the first half of the twentieth century the genocidal Zionist Occupation State of Israel did not exist, Pope Saint Pius X was telling Theodor Herzl in no uncertain terms that the Catholic Church could never support Zionism either in theory or in practice, the United States of America possessed only a small but developing world presence, and the Islamic world was divided between Sunni and Shia; the then tiny Wahhabi - Salafi sect who regard most other Moslems as being apostate and infidel having no presence outside of what would later become its Saudi homeland.

How things have changed in less than a century!

Is it not telling that the heinous massacres and Sex Jihad directed against civilian populations, including the Catholic and Orthodox communities of Arabia, have been allowed to proceed unhindered by the USA and its allies and that only when the unleashed chaos - "Creative Destruction," as they call it - comes too near to their enormous Oil interests in Erbil, northern Iraq, do they launch small token air strikes to remind the barbarian hordes to stay away?

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