Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Meditations for Each Day

'Pray for me,' the well-known spiritual writer, Fr. Cordovani, once wrote in a letter to a friend, 'that I may not die without having led some soul to sanctity and without having written some book which will continue to preach the Gospel long after my voice has been silenced for ever.'

In writing these pages I have desired likewise to do a little good, first of all for myself and secondly for those who may wish to read and reflect upon them. I hoped to accomplish something for myself in that i wrote down these short daily meditations in order to be able to remember them more easily and to be able to turn to them whenever the opportunity should arise. Then, on the advice of enlightened friends, I decided to publish them in the hope that they might prove useful to others.

It was my intention to produce an edifying rather than an erudite work. This explains the simple style and the repetition of certain ideas. I have found it convenient to return to these ideas at regular in order to impress them more deeply on the mind and heart of the reader.

There are many well-written books of meditations, but they are either too long and therefore inaccessible to many classes of people who complain that they have not got time to read them, or they are written in an antiquated style which is not acceptable today. The result is that many persons, including some who are genuinely holy, never make a meditation at all, and this is a very great loss.

I have done my best to be concise and, at the same time, to offer an abundance of ideas, in the hope that the reader of these pages may derive from them material for useful reflections and for profitable resolutions.

May God and the Blessed Virgin bless my labour so that it may be the source of good for many souls."

So writes Antonio Cardinal Bacci, co-author of the famed 1969 critique of the New Order Mass commonly referred to as the Ottaviani Intervention, in introducing his wonderful book Meditations for Each Day.

Available in hardback or paperback

Thursday, 2 August 2018

No Crisis in the Church?

Back in stock! 

Many who are concerned today about the state of the Catholic Church point to the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965).
For some the Council represents "a Second Pentecost"; to others, however, it represents "a Second Crucifixion."For the former the latter are dissident, disobedient and even schismatic; for the latter the former are modernist, heretical and even apostate.
How is it possible that a Church Council could provoke such turmoil and such profound hostility amongst the faithful? Is it a matter of misunderstanding? Is it a matter of interpretation? Or is it a question of Dogma misrepresented and distorted?
Simon Galloway's informative reference handbook is the first of its kind. It compares the authoritative pronouncements of the Church both before and after Vatican II, in a convenient double-column format.
At the turn of a page, the reader can judge for himself which is the correct diagnosis of today's crisis. It presents the evidence clearly and concisely, while aggressively challenging those who declare: "There is no crisis in the Church".

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Worthwhile Free Publication

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Issue 10 - 30th June 2018
Discover Syria and Syrian Tourism

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Hymns of Passion and Resurrection

An Irish Dominican priest, Fr Maurice Colgan, dreamed of having ‘Christ at number one for Easter’.

With this in mind he spoke to a number of traditional Irish musicians and convinced them to put together an album telling the story of Easter using the traditional Gaelic hymns and some new material in keeping with the tradition.

The result is Célí Dé collective – Hymns of Passion & Resurrection - which became so popular in Ireland when it was released that it rose to the top of the music sales.

The songs recount the story of Holy Week.

The first three tracks, Domhnach na Pailme (Palm Sunday), Duan Chroí Íosa(Hymn to the Heart of Jesus) and Deus Meus (My God) lead up to Holy Thursday and the start of the passion of Christ, with tracks Amhrán na Páise(Song on the Passion) and Críost Liom (St Patrick’s Breastplate).

On Good Friday come hymns of lament from the Mother of Jesus, Caoineadh na dTrí Muire (the Lament of the Three Marys) and Seacht nDólás na Maighdine Muire (The Seven Sorrows of Mary).

Holy Saturday is captured by two stark, but beautiful tracks Iontas (Wonder) and A Mhaighdean Bheannaithe (O Holy Virgin).

Finally, the joy of the Resurrection, of Easter, of Jesus as King, is heard in the last three tracks An tAiséirí (the Resurrection), Amhrán na Cásca (the Song of Easter) and Rí an Domhnaigh (King of Sunday).

The lyrics, along with English translation, can be accessed at the Célí Décollective website - 

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

The Free Press

“MEN GRADUALLY came to notice that one thing after another of great public interest, sometimes of vital public interest, was deliberately suppressed in the principal great official papers, and that positive falsehoods were increasingly suggested, or stated.”

~H. Belloc: “The Free Press: An essay on manipulation of news and opinion, and how to counter it.”

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Christianity is Europe's last hope

“Christianity is Europe’s last hope,” affirms the Prime Minister of Hungary.
“The danger we face comes from the West, from politicians in Brussels, Berlin and Paris,” he adds.

Monday, 19 February 2018

The Guild Alternative: An Answer to the Chaos of the Modern World

The Guild Alternative: An Answer to the Chaos of the Modern World

At the beginning of the twentieth century G.K. Chesterton asked in one of most celebrated books: ‘What is Wrong with the World?’ In the first quarter of the twenty-first century, he would be forced to ask: What is Right with the World?

There can be few thinking people in the world nowadays who do not realise that we stand before an apocalyptic crisis. Everywhere one looks, one sees division, disintegration, decay. No aspect of our lives is left untouched, be it in the temporal order or in the spiritual order. No-one appears any longer to have any credible answers to the most pressing and vital questions of our age. One looks in vain to the clergy, to the politicians, to the pundits and thinkers of the ruling class for a semblance of a vision; they all seem content to utter platitudes and seek photo-opportunities.

Arthur Penty was a man before his time and one courageous enough to face reality head on. He was not afraid to say that something was radically wrong with the world; he was no afraid to say that our society had taken a wrong direction and that the only answer was to retrace our steps, however difficult materially and psychologically this might be, and set out on the path of salvation.

He knew that the world could only be saved by a wholesale return to those Christian beliefs and values which had made Europe the centre of world civilisation. He likewise knew that the spiritual revitalization of our society went hand-in-hand with its material transformation from a society based on greed to a society based on justice; from a society based on economics to a society based on morality; from a society based on material values to a society based on spiritual values.

In this truly astounding book he outlines where we went wrong, what we did wrong and where this path is leading us. Thereafter, he determines to show us what philosophy of life and what actions we must embrace if the world is to have any future beyond a lifeless and conformist world tyranny.

This book, originally published under the title 'Guilds, Trade and Agriculture', challenges ideas and principles. It provides analysis and guidance. It provides the philosophy and the practice that this age needs. It makes no claim to infallibility, but it does claim to point us in the right direction.

No honest reader will be left untouched by this book, for it does what so many tens-of-thousands of books published by the huge publishing corporations fail to do - it provides, just as it claims in its subtitle, 'An Answer to the Chaos of the Modern World'.

Monday, 8 January 2018

The Catholic Worker Movement: Intellectual and Spiritual Origins

This book is essential reading for understanding the motivation behind the original Catholic Worker Movement.
The founders of the movement, Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin, met during the Great Depression in 1932. Their collaboration sparked something that has been both an inspiration and a reproach to Catholics.
Gradually progressing from a bohemian lifestyle, to radical street politics, to the founding of the Catholic Worker Movement, Dorothy Day began to live a life that took the message of the Gospel to heart. 
Peter Maurin, less celebrated but equally important to the movement that embraced and uplifted the poor amongst us was once described by Dorothy Day as "a genius, a saint, an agitator, a writer, a lecturer, a poor man and a shabby tramp."
Mark and Louise Zwick's thorough research into the Catholic Worker Movement reveals who influenced Peter Maurin and Dorothy Day and how that influence materialized into something much more than just good ideas.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Eugenics against Humanity

“Most people today are under the impression that Eugenics died with Hitler, but this is not the case. It is alive and well, funded by the Capitalist system and pushed by Socialist philosophy. To understand why that is we have to look at exactly what Eugenics is, and how it started.”

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Disability Day

International Disability Day

“How a society treats its disabled is the true measure of a civilization.”
       – Chen Guangcheng

‘Evil’ Syria……. where induced abortion is a punishable crime
‘Great’ Britain……. where disability is a punishable ‘crime’.

Must read:
The Attack on the Family and the European Response

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Russia and the Universal Church

Hailed as one of the greatest thinkers of the 19th Century, Vladimir Solovyev has a message for the 21st century. And, reportedly, he is one of President Putin's favourite authors.
Solovyev is the prophet for the reunion of the Russian Orthodox Church with the Catholic Church. His exposition of the ‘Petrine Mystery,’ its purpose, breadth and existence in our day, will enlighten and enthral you as you gain new knowledge and insights into Christ’s Church as Christ established it, and meant it to be for all times.
A saint as yet unproclaimed, Solovyev led a life of Franciscan austerity and charity, dying at the age of 47 after exhausting his life in the cause of Christ.
In this, possibly his greatest work, Vladimir Solovyev’s holiness permeates ‘Russia and the Universal Church’ as he calls for the fulfilment of Christ’s prayer, “That they all may be one.” (John 17:21) “One Lord, one Faith, one baptism.” (Eph 4:5)

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Help Defend Pro-Life Prayer Vigils

Order The Attack on the Family and the European Response today to receive it in time for Christmas - authored by the ProVita association in Italy it makes a valuable Christmas present to inform family members, friends or work colleagues about the major moral and social battle of our time. 

From: John Smeaton at SPUC <>
Date: 27 November 2017 at 19:05
Subject: Action Alert: Respond to the latest attack on pro-life vigils

Write to your MP about Amber Rudd's review into "harassment and intimidation" 
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Action Alert: Respond to latest attack on pro-life vigils.

27 November 2017
The Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, has announced a review into "harassment and intimidation near abortion clinics."
Dear SPUC Supporter,

I am writing to you about an extremely urgent matter – the latest attack on pro-life vigils.  Peaceful, pro-life vigils outside abortion centres and hospitals have saved thousands of babies and their mothers from abortion. But now these life-saving, prayerful vigils are under attack from the highest authority.  

On Sunday 26 November 2017, the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd MP,announced a review into “harassment and intimidation near abortion clinics”.

This review will:

  • Gather evidence from police forces, healthcare providers and local authorities.
  • Gather ‘detailed evidence and firm recommendations’ to allow the government ‘to take the right action to tackle this problem’.
  • Consider what further action the government can take, which could include bolstering or creating new police and civil powers.

Key points to note:

  • The review makes no reference to consulting with the pro-life groups which run the vigils.
  • The review is based on the assumption that harassment and intimidation are taking place. In fact, pro-life acts of witness in Britain are well-known for their peaceful, prayerful nature.
  • The basis of the review is not if anything more is needed in addition to existing legislation against harassment and intimidation, but what more needs to be done. 
  • Vulnerable women, under pressure to abort, will suffer if pro-life vigils are shut down, by denying them vital information which may persuade them to keep their baby.
Ms Rudd’s assessment of what actually happens at pro-life vigils is misleading. The outcome of the review has been prejudiced. Please ask your MP to write to Amber Rudd objecting to the terms of this biased review.    

 To help you write your letter I am attaching:

This Home Office review is a wholly inappropriate response to small numbers of prayerful people who offer leaflets to women. These leaflets let women know where they can get help, which they cannot get anywhere else. Please make this your number one pro-life priority. Nothing is more urgent.

Please send any responses you get from your MP to SPUC.

With my very best wishes,

John Smeaton

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

One Million Russian Voices

A petition of more than one million signatories is being handed to President Putin today, calling for a complete and total ban on abortion in Russia. That’s the same as more than half-a-million people in Britain petitioning for a complete ban on abortion, and is the biggest petition to government in Russian history.
The signatures were collected by more than 5,000 activists from the Russian Pro-Life association ‘Za Zhizn’.
The Russian Pro-Life association works hard every day to save unborn children: they advise pregnant women in difficulty, offer economic support and even provide homes for young mothers and destitute families. As well as providing direct support to help mothers keep their babies, they carry out constant cultural and informational activities including conferences, exhibitions, round-tables, and street leafleting.
Our Russian friends are asking for the prayers, moral support and publicity of the pro-life environment around the world on this auspicious day.
One important way that you can help build the pro-life movement is to educate family members, friends and work colleagues. 'The Attack on the Family and the European Response' is an excellent resource that makes an ideal present for Christmas.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

The Order of Mass (Tridentine) in Latin and English

The Order of Mass is a very useful pocket-size booklet containing the text to follow and pray the Ordinary of the Mass. 

Ideal for those learning to follow the prayers of the Mass, and for anyone who doesn't have or forgets to bring along their own hand-missal. "The Introit, Collect, Epistle, Gradual, Gospel, Offertory and Communion Verses, with the Secret and Post-Communion, vary according to the day or feast. The varying portions of the Mass here given are taken from the Mass of the Blessed Trinity."

With an imprimatur from 1931.

Paperback. Laminated card cover. Pocket-size 4" x 6". 44pp.