Monday, 28 April 2014

Signs of The Times

In 2005 a warped 'crucifix', made by the Jewish sculptor Enrico Job to celebrate a visit of John Paul II to Brescia, was erected outside the nearby village of Cevo.

The warped  'crucifix', which bore an image of Christ in an overhanging position, rose from a base of sculpted metal flames and rose not upwards toward Heaven, but arched forward, falling down towards the ground, perhaps being symbolic of John Paul II's warped anthropocentric theology. 

On that occasion, John Paul II made ​​a speech in which he took for granted a future 'beatification' and 'canonisation' of Paul VI who presided over the man-centred - as opposed to God-centred - Second Vatican Council.

The Cevo 'crucifix' from that day on became a symbol of the intention and determination of the Conciliar Church to 'canonise' Paul VI, whose 'beatification' is set for October 2014.

On 24th April, 2014, just three days before the 'canonisations' of John XXIII and John Paul II, this horrific symbol that offends against the Redemption of Christ and the most sacred sign of the Faith lies broken and shattered.

The warped 'crucifix' raised in honour of John Paul II, and 'dedicated' by him to Paul VI, snapped and came tumbling down killing a young man who lived on a street named, strangely enough, after John XXIII.

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