Friday, 14 February 2014

Pre-Bugnini Altar Missal before the Year is Up?

Carmel Books received the very welcome news today that a project is well-underway to bring back into print an Altar Missal unaffected by the modernising changes brought about by the Commission for Liturgical Reform led by Annibale Bugnini. The Easter Vigil and Holy Week remain intact with all twelve prophecies and the original Good Friday prayers.

Small pre-50's hand missals for the laity have been widely available for decades, and for decades have popularly constituted the great bulk of hand missals sold by Carmel Books. The Liber Usualis is also available in its 1953 edition, as is a pre-50's Ordo. Now, at last, it seems that an Altar Missal based on the 1948 Typical Edition will be available by the end of this year.

*   Genuine Leather Cover
*   Raised Bands along the Spine
*   Gold Guilding on Cover and Pages
*   Quality End Papers
*   Six Ribbon Markers
*   Genuine Leather Page Tabs
*   Smythe Sewn Triple Reinforced
*   Based on the 1948 Typical Edition
*   1224 Pages
*   29cms x 22cms x 7cms

From the Press Release:

"This Missale is made with the finest craftsmanship available today. The binding is triple-re-enforced genuine leather with gold end-sheets that lay flat when open. The gold stamping on both the inside and outside covers is truly suitable for an altar. The tabs are made of genuine leather and the raised bands along the spine are made from natural materials. This Missale is made to last.

This project has been in the design phase for several years on a very limited budget. The next step is to obtain a certain number of pre-orders to fund the entire printing. It is estimated that before the year is over this number will be achieved.

With your help we can bring this much needed edition of the Holy Mass back to the faithful who desire it and supply those priests whose hearts are devoted to the declarations of the Council of Trent with an Altar Missal worthy of their intentions".

Priests and faithful who might be interested in purchasing a copy of this Missale Romanum when it becomes available, please contact us in that regard so we can gauge how many copies will be needed in Britain and Ireland.

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